The Route

Linking the church of St. Mary on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, to the church of St Michael on St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall.  A journey of 600 miles as the crow flies which takes about 10 hours in a car on a clear run.  Taking a more leisurely pace of about 12 – 15 miles a day, I estimate it will take Tommy ‘four feet’ and I nearly 5 months to complete the same journey by foot and hoof, and cover over 800 miles in reality, as we zig-zag between overnight stops!

  • Looking for accommodation for both Tommy the Connie and myself.  

If anyone can help me find accommodation at any of the places on my itinerary listed below, (or nearby, particularly in the West Midlands area) or you know of anyone who can, please, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  (I will add to the list as I firm up my route)

  • Invitation to join us on the way.

Also, if you are interested in joining us on the trail – walking, cycling or on horseback – for any part of the way, please make a note of the dates (at this stage, these are only provisional, a rough guide within a week or two!), and do get in touch so that I can give you the grid references for where we plan to be, and a date and time to meet up, nearer the time.

  • Leg 1:  Northumberland: The Cheviots, Northumberland National Park.

5th May, 2015        Lindisfarne to Kimmerston

6th May, 2015        Kimmerston to Ingram (over Cheviots)

7th May, 2015        Ingram to Barrowburn

8th May, 2015        Barrowburn to Elsdon (via Clonnell)

9th May, 2015        Elsdon to Bellingham (via West Woodburn)

10th May, 2015     Bellingham to Park End

  • Leg 2:   County Durham: North Pennines

13th May, 2015     Park End to Newbrough

14th May, 2015     Newbrough to Allendale

15th May, 2015     Allendale to Cowshill

16th May, 2015     Cowshill to Holwick

17th May, 2015     Holwick to Middleton-in Teesdale (Mickleton)

18th May, 2015     Mickleton to Soulby (Leases)

  • Leg 3:  Cumbria / North Yorkshire Dales, start of North PBW

19th May, 2015     Soulby to Street (via Fat Lamb pub)

22nd May, 2015   Street to Garsdale Head

23rd May,2015     Garsdale head to Selside

24th May, 2015     Selside to Austwick

25th May, 2015     Austwick to Giggleswick

26th May, 2015    Giggleswick to Barnoldswick

  • Leg 4:   North Yorkshire and Lancashire, joining PBW at Mary Townley Loop

31st May, 2015     Barnoldswick to Wycoller

1st June, 2015     Wycoller to Blackshawhead

2nd June, 2015    Blackshawhead to Todmorden

3rd June, 2015     Todmorden to Holingworth Lake

4th June. 2105     Hollingworth Lake to Diggle

  • Leg 5:  Derbyshire, South PBW (High / Dark Peak District / White Peak District)

7th June, 2015     Diggle to Hadfield

8th June, 2015     Hadfield to Rowarth

9th June,2015      Rowarth to Rushop Hall

10th June, 2015    Rushop Hall to Blackwell

11th June, 2015     Blackwell to Hartington Station

  • Leg 6: Start of The Sabrina Way, Derbyshire, Staffordshire

14th June, 2015     Hartington to Waterhouses, via Alstonefield

15th June, 2015     Waterhouses to Hollington via Oakamoor

16th June, 2015     Oakamoor to Colwich via Withington and Newton Hurst

17th, June, 2015   Colwich to Wheaton Aston via Cannock Chase and Bradley

  • Leg 7: The Sabrina Way: Staffordshire, Shropshire (Wrekin)

20th June, 2015    Wheaton Aston to Sutton Maddock via Western Under Lizard and Shifnal

21st June, 2015     Sutton Maddock to Chelmarsh via Upton Cressett

22nd June, 2015      Chelmarsh to Callow Hill via Wyre Forest

23rd June, 2015     Callow Hill Clifton Upon Teme via Abberley

24th June, 2015     Clifton Upon Teme to Bromyard

  • Leg 8: The end of The Sabrina Way: Worcestershire, Gloucestershire

4th July, 2015      Bromyard to Westfield (Cradley)

7th July, 2015     Cradley to Druggers End Lane

8th July, 2015     Druggers End to Apperley

9th July, 2015     Apperley to Cleeve Hill

  • Leg 9: Cheltenham, Cirencester, Bath

11th July, 2015    Cleeve Hill to North Cerney (Bagendon)

12th July, 2015     North Cerney to Tetbury

13th July, 2015     Tetbury to Badminton

16th July, 2015     Badminton to Great Chalfield

17th July, 2015     Great Chalfield to Wellow

18th July, 2015    Wellow to Downhead

19th July, 2015     Downhead to Pylle

20th July, 2015    Pylle to Wooton Street

sketch plan of final stage picking up the Mary / Michael Pilgrim Route from Glastonbury:

Glastonbury (Wooton Street)





Holcombe Rogus


Tedbury St Mary





Upton Cross



Grampound Road





St. Michael’s Mount 

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