Getting my House in Order, A Double Take and Healing Hands to Iron out the Equine Kinks.

Before I go away anywhere, I like to make sure my house is in order before I even set off.  Only this time, as I shall be away for the best part of four months, this early ‘spring clean’ has turned out to be a bit of a mammoth task and while I have had […]

Lighting Fires and Treating Burns – not necessarily in that order!

Survival.  It means different things to different species and something that I was forced to ponder on after I made a shocking discovery the other day. Sadie’s grave had been dug up by a fox. I assumed it was a fox as I couldn’t think of any other creature around here who would do such […]

The Art of Natural Horsmanship.

Our formal training is progressing really well.  Since our first session in the round pen with Catherine Hoskin, a trainer in Australian Natural Horsemanship (thanks to Joe’s recommendation) Tommy and I have been given lots of things to practice together, on the ground.  Actually, I’m the one being trained here because Tommy does pretty much anything […]