Botticelli, Klein Blue and The Sacred Feminine

5th May is not only the day of our departure but it is also the day I remember my mother. What began as one of those streams of consciousness type emails that flow between friends on a wave of thoughts and ideas that bat backwards and forwards, my artist friend, Catherine Clancy and I have […]

Standing on the Threshold of a Dream

Pilgrimage is one of the fundamental structures a journey can take – the quest in search of something, if only one’s own transformation, the journey towards a goal.  Rebecca Solnit Dreams.  I’ve had a few.  The above image of a spider’s web in my garden caught in the early morning light, is my equivalent of […]

Making Tracks

As my departure date looms ever closer, the pre-pilgrimage nerves are being ratcheted up.  Big Time.  I’ve done pretty well up to now, despite many distractions, but I haven’t been able to secure accommodation for every night of our journey.  This has been troubling me and I have come to a decision. At the risk […]

Rainbow Ribbon Ride

Planning a venture of this sort doesn’t come with a simple set of instructions.  There is no textbook manual to refer to.  It’s a journey of endurance conjured from my imagination, not a race by any means, but a mission and when we complete the pilgrimage, we won’t be presented with a tidy little ribbon […]

It’s All About the Light

Last year I had a bit of an epiphany.  A true moment of inspiration.  It was not earth-shattering in the scheme of things but to me it was momentous.  In fact, it was such a small ‘happening’ that I might well have overlooked it had it not seemed so significant at the the time.  It […]

Getting my House in Order, A Double Take and Healing Hands to Iron out the Equine Kinks.

Before I go away anywhere, I like to make sure my house is in order before I even set off.  Only this time, as I shall be away for the best part of four months, this early ‘spring clean’ has turned out to be a bit of a mammoth task and while I have had […]

The First Leg

I have finally started to get to grips with my route planning.  Now I am sending out a request for help in finding accommodation for Tommy and myself at specific places along the trail.  The first leg is in Northumberland, starting from Lindisfarne and takes us over the top of the Cheviots to Bellingham. If […]