The Yin and Yang of Us.

Although my pilgrimage is a secular journey, bearing no particular allegiance to any sect, creed or religion, it also happens to be richly laced in early Christian symbolism.  For instance, as I get more deeply involved in the planning of this journey, it keeps throwing up constant references to the connection between the two saints, […]

Getting all the Dominoes Lined Up

Whilst up in Northumberland last week, I met up with Sue Rogers over coffee at The Barn at Beal overlooking the causeway that leads to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. (see previous post) We sat at a table where we were able to spread out our maps and talk about my planned route through northern England […]

Navigation using the Plonk Method

I love maps!  Always have.  I did a marine navigation course many years ago (way before GPS) and love all those maps which show what is going on under the water through some graphic wizardry on a ‘chart’, (the wonderfully technical term for a marine map).  With my equine pilgrimage looming, I need to apply […]

A Small Suitcase Stuffed with Maps

Last week, after a visit to my daughter to celebrate a double Mother / Grandmother’s Day together, I made a detour on the way home to see a couple of friends. In the Cotswolds, I caught up with William Reddaway who made a 7 month journey visiting 30 of the 40 or so Cathedrals around […]

The First Dog-Leg

There is an enormous amount of logistical planning that goes into a journey of this kind. Firstly, like academics who send ‘call-outs’ for papers, I have sent my ‘call-out’ to the universe for a suitable mount to accompany me.  Now I must consult the map.   Maps are by definition, utilitarian.  They are a means […]