Botticelli, Klein Blue and The Sacred Feminine

5th May is not only the day of our departure but it is also the day I remember my mother. What began as one of those streams of consciousness type emails that flow between friends on a wave of thoughts and ideas that bat backwards and forwards, my artist friend, Catherine Clancy and I have […]

It’s All About the Light

Last year I had a bit of an epiphany.  A true moment of inspiration.  It was not earth-shattering in the scheme of things but to me it was momentous.  In fact, it was such a small ‘happening’ that I might well have overlooked it had it not seemed so significant at the the time.  It […]

Leg 11, From Cheltenham to Bath, down Memory Lane

I’m delighted to confirm, I have just published the next leg of my journey that runs through the Cotswolds. (see Route page) In the 1970’s, my new husband and I rented a tiny thatched cottage in Little Badminton, on the edge of the Badminton Estate, for the princely sum of £3 per week.  Sadly, this […]