Post Script Post: Time Will Tell

Friday, 21st August, the following day.

OK, so here’s the thing.  What I am about to share with you will make more sense if you have already read my two previous posts, Coming Home and Mission Accomplished.

For the past few days I’ve enjoyed reliving the last moments of our journey in writing these blog posts.   Anyway, going back to the day after our to visit to St Michael’s Mount, I was looking through all the lovely pictures other people had taken of the event and scrolling through some of mine too.  Then I came across the one of the clock attached to the sign post, the one that happens to be on the Michael Ley Line.


and zoomed in to see what the time was.  About twenty minutes to three.

Wondering if the time has any significance with the culmination of my pilgrimage, I take another look at the picture I took of the offerings on the altar in St Michael’s Church to see what time it was taken.  The time was 14.39.  I take a picture of the picture to show the time it was taken. (Zoom in to see the time under the place at the top).


Then I went back to the clock on the sign post and zooming in again, I notice the exact time on the clock reads 2.39 precisely. (Below is a screen shot of the zoomed in image).


I don’t think this can be put down to mere coincidence.  I like to believe that this was given to me as a poetic sign and proof, if proof was needed, that my pilgrimage was somehow divinely inspired.  It has also been a very personal journey and I have endeavoured to be honest in my recounting of it.  An odyssey the like of which was beyond my normal scope of experience.  The word ‘inspiration’ has been mentioned several times along the way and I am aware that it also represents a collective aspiration for many people.


It must be remembered that non of it would have been remotely possible without the kindness and hospitality of an enormous amount of people, a bit of luck, a touch of magic and a dogged determination to succeed.  And a very special little Connemara pony who was a willing partner in my quest.


Yesterday, I visited an exhibition at the Newlyn Gallery called, In Search of the Miraculous.  I think I just found my miraculous.  God bless and enormous gratitude to everyone who helped us, supported our efforts, sent words of encouragement, made donations, made me laugh and for following our extraordinary journey. X


Above all watch with glittering eyes [listen with bristling ears] the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. — Roald Dahl 


(the two pictures above are taken from cards I found at the 12th Century church of St Giles, in Hartington Village, Derbyshire, when we stayed nearby for one of our rest stops.)

And for the story of the special candle (main picture) see Harnessing the Essence of SunLight.

9 thoughts on “Post Script Post: Time Will Tell

  1. My comments never seem to get through but here’s hoping this one will: well done Caro and Tommy, it’s been lovely to read your blog posts and I will miss them. Blessings, Annie x

  2. Dear Caro

    I have enjoyed tremendously following your blog though I never mastered the way of making comments. I don’t know therefore if this will get to you but hope I can let you know how I admired your dedication and persistence in achieving your goal, an amazing effort and as you mentioned an inspiration to all. I walked the Camino Francaise 14th May till 16th May, arriving in Santiago de Compostela on my birthday!

    Thank you for sharing your amazing experience

    lots of love Penny Sent from my iPad


    • Dear Penny. Thank you for your comments. Pleased you enjoyed my journey. Well done you for your own effort. Any pilgrimage is worth the effort and if you can make it coincide with a special day then even more memorable.

  3. It has been a thrill and an inspiration to follow your posts on this blog, Caro. One can only admire your courage and determination in pursuing your goal, even when things seemed to be going wrong. I raise my hat to you, and now look forward to seeing new artwork on your other blog!

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