Rest Stop 8: The Chapel, Brentor

Stats for Leg 8: Total miles since Cheltenham (walking and leading), 270; Average miles per day, 8.66; Accumulated miles, 838.

Sunday, Monday, 9th, 10th August, going nowhere, writing a letter to HRH, the Princess Royal, and basking in Michael’s healing balm.

This is a very special rest stop.  Apart from the fact that it is a former chapel, this place has a wonderful atmosphere.  Not surprisingly, the Michael /Mary energy line from the Brentor chapel on the hill runs right through the chapel here and its attached school room.  It’s healing vibes are palpable.  Enhanced of course by Sophy who took it on as a project, restoring it back to life.  A former alternative dentist (she says putting mercury in your mouth is not a good idea), Sophy changed career mid-stream and became an artist.  (Sophy White).  The chapel now houses her studio, so I feel honoured to be staying at a time when Sophy is preparing for an upcoming exhibition.  I plan not to get in her way and distract her from her work but it is inevitable that I do!


For instance, she has taken the story of my failure to get help raising funds for my cause to heart and is suddenly galvanised into action.  You see, Sophy has herself undergone a long distance ride when she took her young horse, Oscar, on a pilgrimage from St Michael’s Mount back to her home at Brentor a couple of years ago.  So, not only does she absolutely understand just what an epic venture we have undertaken but also, on her ride, she gave herself the extra task of completing a drawing every day along the way which was published in a catalogue (which you can see here) as part of a Devon Arts Project at the time.  I am full of admiration for what she managed to achieve.  Here are her two adorable dogs.

We spend the morning I had planned to catch up with blogging into one of flurried activity calling RDA people and local press. She is awesome, won’t speak to anyone but the top dog and I am set to writing a letter to Buckingham Palace, addressed to HRH, the Princess Royal, who is the president of the RDA, asking for her support on a piece of Sophy’s beautiful transparent orange paper.


This is the reply that I receive when I get home, more than two weeks later.  Disappointing.


However, so very grateful to Sophy for all her dynamic efforts on my behalf.

This is also an appropriate time and opportunity to thank the sterling efforts of Annie Vickerstaff, who has also been extremely helpful after contacting me out of the blue:

Hello Caro,
I’ve been following your amazing journey since you began, and really look forward to reading your blogs as they come in. In one of them you mentioned that you didn’t have time to contact a local reporter. I do publicity for a campaign group here in Somerset so I have some media contacts. Would you like me to try to drum up some publicity for you and your impressive fundraising cause? If so, can you let me know where you are right now, and where you expect to be in the next few days?
Annie Vickerstaff
Bless you both and also to the other kind souls who helped in our fund-raising efforts, thank you.
This rest-stop is an opportunity to meet up with Sue Blagburn (above), who lives on Dartmoor running her adventures with horses, and hear more about her special work with horses.  I introduce her to Tommy.
As well as doing a spot of off-roading on Dartmoor
to visit Sophy’s brother and sister-in-law who live on a farm on the edge of the open moorland where we take a stroll in the descending mist to the remains of an ancient round house village.
and can’t resist their adorable dog either.
This has been a wonderful couple of days here with Sophy.  As we prepare for the final leg of our journey, downloading the last map tiles of our route onto my phone (that feels very satisfying), a couple of trips into Tavistock for much-needed supplies and giving Tommy a wash down,
I am filled with renewed strength, enhanced by another wonderful friendship.  (The coffee is good here too!)  Thank you, dear Sophy.  Here she is feeding Tommy with all the Rosebay Willowherb from her yard which he loves and always makes a beeline for.  She says he is doing her a favour but she just instinctively knows how to win him over.
 P.S. Sophy is currently having an open studio exhibition at the Chapel in Brentor, PL19 0LU.  Well worth a visit if you can make it to see her new clay figures.  But hurry, it finishes this w/e.

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