Ride 56 (walk and lead): What goes Up, Must come Down

Tuesday, 4th August, Halberton to Cadeleigh, 11 miles

I mean hills!  Jo and I did a recce of our route yesterday so I know where we are going today.  I also know how long the climbs are going to be.

No mistaking we are in real Devonshire countryside now.  Long houses and barns,

Meeting the locals,


unfortunate road-kill


Navigating our way around roadworks (a perpetual hazard),


Some unwelcoming signage.


And quirky house names,


All in a normal days work for us.  Today, however, there is a watery theme.  Having left the canal behind us,


We cross the River Exe at the busy intersection on the road at Bickleigh, (I’ve stopped at this pub before….who hasn’t?)

before following the River Dart and a long steep climb towards our next destination near Cadeleigh.  Going through the village of Cadleigh, a woman stops us and empties her purse of small change to give to us, offering us a cup of tea which I gratefully decline saying we are nearly at our destination.

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