Ride 53 (walk and lead): Tommy Meets a Special Little Girl

Friday, 31st July, West Buckland to Nynehead, 5 miles

As I write this, most of you will be aware that Tommy and I have already reached our destination, safe and sound.  However, there are still so many adventures to catch up with, as well as a surprise at the end that I can’t wait to share with you.  I hope you will enjoy the rest of the story as I try to catch up with the journal of our daily ‘rides’.  It turns out in end that I do indeed end up walking and leading Tommy all the way home, 416 miles from Cheltenham, with 984 miles covered in total (according to my phone app that I used to record such things) to reach our destination at St Michael’s Mount.  Just short of the 1,000 miles I need to become a member of the LongRiders Guild!


Anyway, back in West Buckland, Somerset, it was a beautiful morning,


and Suzie sends us on our way, with instructions to her son, Archie, to see us over the A 38 and deliver our kit to our next destination.

Going through Bradford on Tone, stopping to let a child stroke Tommy’s neck, his parents come out of the bungalow and ask if they can bring their disabled daughter out to meet Tommy.


With only 5 miles to go today, it’s not long before we reach our pit stop at Nynehead and after son, Leo has settled us in,


I make use of a good internet connection and spend the extra spare time trying to catch up on some blogging.  Unfortunately, my host, Sharon, who has helped find accommodation for us along the way, is away at the moment, so I miss out meeting this lovely person who has helped us so much.  However, between son, Leo, daughter, Catriona (who has kindly left some feed for Tommy), and partner, Brian, Tommy and I are well taken care of, enjoying a delicious pasta supper that Sharon has prepared for us before she left.  This house is so welcoming, I feel Sharon’s presence here even tho she is not here in person.



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