Ride 37: Goodbye Malverns, Hello Cotswolds

Ride 35: Goodbye Malverns, Hello Cotswolds
Wednesday 8th July, Castlemorton to Apperley, 16.66 miles

It feels strange to be back at Fuff’s without Tommy. Restored once more after a hot bath and a good nights sleep, Fuff drives me back to where Tommy is staying and while she collects peacock feathers, I get Tommy ready for the road, setting off by 10 am, saying another fond farewell to Fuff who has saved me on more than one occasion. She’s a star and I tell her, in the nicest possible way, I don’t want to see her again!


It is overcast and mizzley. Perfect for mainly walking and leading interspersed with a bit of riding. At Forthampton, we stop for a short lunch break. I spot a couple of ragwort plants in the grass where I am sitting on the bench by the war memorial and pull them up. To my horror, the next moment, I notice Tommy has munched his way around the bench and I can only see one of the weeds. Help……I’m thinking, my pony is going to die! Then in the next glance, I notice the missing weed in the road. Phew, he must have picked it up and tossed it away.


As we reach Chaceley, the sun comes out and burns down on us. Luckily there is a cooling breeze coming across the flood plain and I am praying that Mandy is on her way to escort us over the River Severn and up the main road to Apperley. Just as we are reaching Tirley, my prayers are answered and there she is coming towards us on her handsome, bomb proof horse, Max, just in time before we head out into the rush hour traffic on the B4213, across the bridge and up into Apperley.


Mandy and Steve are very helpful and Tommy gets a good rinse off before settling into his new stable next to his new companions, and I get given Lucy’s room (Mandy’s teenage daughter), for the night, where despite being decorated in a psychedelic red and green scheme, I sleep very well.


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