Ride 23: Last Moorland Crossing for us on the PB

Tuesday, 9th June, Rowarth to Rushop Hall, 12.48 miles

I am going to miss these moorland crossings.


Tommy has coped very well with the rough, stoney tracks and bouldery paths, picking his way carefully where it gets steep and slippery.  His shoes are holding up well also, to the difficult terrain and although his feet are a little cracked, they haven’t got any worse.

We are beginning to see more people, walkers and cyclists, wending their way along these trails.  As yet, though, still very few horse riders.  Long gone are the days when we could go for hours, even days, and not encounter another living soul on these moorland passes except for the wildlife or the occasional farmer on his quod bike checking his flock.


We cross the busy A624 at Hayfield via a horse pelican crossing, the button high enough for a rider to press whilst mounted.  I wish there were more of these on the roads.  Then it’s moorland paths, rough, stoney, sometimes narrow and steep with fords to cross, our last bit of moorland to cross in the High Peaks, pretty much all the way to Rushop Hall, our next destination.



What a delight it is to arrive at Rushop Hall.  Jan and Neil are exceptional hosts and Tommy is in excellent company.  His new neighbour in the field is one of Jan’s Al Pacas.


Tommy takes a keen interest but seems to accept him quite happily, particularly as the other horses don’t appear to be perturbed by him, or the other herd of Al Pacas, roaming around in the field with the horses.  Here is Jan with Tommy’s new neighbour.


Meanwhile, I am very happily installed in a room in the old part of the Hall overlooking the stables.  A moment in this journey, of utter luxury and indulgence.  I’m loving this!  Enjoy a simple but delicious three course meal in the dining room with the other guests, and chat to Jan about her own plans for a PB ride in September with 3 of her companions.  She has a perfect training ground for it here on her doorstep and she is busy getting her thoroughbred fit and ready for purpose.  Here is Jan with Tommy just before we leave the following morning,


and one for the album


I’ve really enjoyed my stay here, and Tommy has definitely enjoyed all the extra attention he has received. image

3 thoughts on “Ride 23: Last Moorland Crossing for us on the PB

  1. Caro, Hi This post has not got any content and the blog says ‘Page cannot be found’. It did the same thing for No 22 Hope you can sort it xx

    • Hi William, hope this has been restored. Sometimes, I press the publish button instead of the save button before I’m ready! And then have to revert back to draft, but it has already been posted which is why this sometimes happens. Can you let me know if it is still not working, please?

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