Ride 21: Close to the Edge

Wednesday, 3rd June, Todmorden to Hollingworth Lake, 13.7 miles 

I would not recommend this ride to anyone who has a fear of heights.  Steep climbs on slippery cobbles, along narrow paths close to the edge on precipitous slopes….enough to make the heart beat faster knowing that the smallest slip could send us crashing into the valley way below us.


I decide to walk and lead which has its own hazards but at least if one of us goes over the edge, we won’t drag the other over with them.  With luck.

Snipe and skylark accompany us today.  And Mary.


I came across this church dedicated to her early this morning when I was walking the streets of Todmorden in search of a decent cup of coffee.  (I had to make do with one at Morrisons).  Another of the features of this ride are the rows of pylons that suddenly loom large and snake across the country before us disappearing into the far distance.




And crossing the Rochdale Canal.


We break away from the Mary Townley Loop to continue on down the Pennine Bridleway and drop down to Hollingworth Lake, and another lovely large barn waiting for Tommy


where he has his own picture window with a spectacular view into the valley below


before getting stuck into his hay net,


and the family caravan for me.  Very cosy with a 360 degree view of the sunset.


Is this a good omen for tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Ride 21: Close to the Edge

  1. I’ve just caught up with your entire blog, Caro – it makes inspiring and gripping reading and I’m so impressed, and looking forward to ‘following’ you to the end of your journey. I’ve just posted a link to the start of the Yorkshire section on the Ride Yorkshire Facebook page.

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