One for Luck

Tommy lost one of his shoes recently, casting it overnight in his paddock.  It’s not a good idea to leave a shoe with nails still in it lying around, so I went looking for it.  Climbed onto rabbit mound and hunted around between the gorse bushes, made a couple of circuits around the perimeter of the paddock with eagle eyes, but found nothing.  I had mentally asked for assistance from my guides thinking they are sure to help me find it – if I am meant to.


At the precise moment I admitted defeat feeling rather peeved that I hadn’t been shown where it was, suddenly, I saw it.  It was right there in front of my eyes, lying on the ground barely 4 feet away from me.  I had even walked past it several times.  How could I have missed it?  Thinking about what possible message this little episode might have for me, I came to the only conclusion I could.  ‘When you ask for help from your guides and helpers and things don’t work out as you expect, don’t lose faith in them because they will still be working away on your behalf’.  That’s me told!  Felt guilty for having doubted.


I am surprised how quickly this shoe has become rusty after only a few days left out in the elements.  Why don’t they go rusty when they are nailed to a horses hoof?  Anyway, I am keeping this shoe as a talisman and a valuable lesson learnt.  A special one for luck.  Together with all the good wishes, heartfelt messages, cards, poems, tokens, ribbons and good will we have received over the past few days for a successful mission, I feel humbled and truly blessed.  A thousand thank-you’s.  It is very uplifting to know people are thinking of us.


photo, Janet McEwan

Last minute packing for today done, and all those months of preparation finally come to fruition.  What is left undone, will be left undone for the time being.  Meanwhile, with the fridge emptied and defrosted, I am signing off to try and get an early night (difficult because I expect I won’t get much sleep) because tomorrow it all kicks off.  Ed is arriving early in the morning to take Tommy and I on the first stage of the long drive up to Lindisfarne.   As I close the door of my cottage behind me, I shall be stepping into the unknown.

One thought on “One for Luck

  1. Caro what an amazing undertaking and what an adventure you have ahead of you! I certainly take my hat off to you for embarking into the unknown, for the hatching of the idea, the realization that it was for real, the preparation and the courage to carry it through! and I only wish I could join you for some of the way, but this time not meant to be. I send you love from us all at Oxmoor, have a safe, exciting, interesting, revealing, life enhancing and everything and anything else you wish it to be on your journey of discovery – in every sense of the word. Sarah xxxx

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