Healing Ribbon Clouties

As so often happens with creative ideas, they start to take on a life of their own.  And this can certainly be said for the Rainbow Ribbons.  What initially started out as an idea to encourage sponsors, has evolved into one of the main raison d’êtres for this pilgrimage.


I ask myself, how did this happen?  Is there another force outside my control guiding me gently along the path of healing?  (I think I know the answer to that).  I have known all along, this pilgrimage needed to be bigger, have a greater purpose, than just a simple journey of discovery.  But it’s not until the eve of our departure that the extent of the true healing purpose has been revealed.  I am not the healer, merely the vehicle for the universe to work its healing purpose.


So, lets just be clear about what this is all about.

The ‘Holy Isles’ Pilgrimage

On the face of it, this is both a road trip to raise funds for the RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) and the very special role that horses can play in the healing process, as well as a secular pilgrimage to explore the nature of long distance travel with a horse, as a form of meditation, reflection and a quest for personal spiritual transformation.  Both a physical, outer journey linking two Holy Isles, and a personal inner journey to find the spiritual connections between them.


And, of course, I now realise there is another very important reason why we are doing this pilgrimage. It is also a journey of deeper spiritual healing.


For me, it seems a natural progression to use my understanding of the healing power of nature and the environment to work with the energetic points, ley lines, meridians and song lines of the earth’s body.   By applying the vibrations of my own footsteps, hoof beats and reflective thoughts and ‘tuning in’ to my surroundings, I hope to use the chakra system (an Eastern philosophy based on meditation using a rainbow of colours in the subtle energy centres of the body) to make ‘mindful’ connections with the subtle energies of the land.  (see Healing Chakra Walks)

I made a trip to Truro and bought this piece of braid – the last bit on the roll – to which I attached my ‘foundation marker’ ribbons.


Healing Ribbons

I am asking for sponsorship of all kinds.  This can be a monetary contribution to my cause, the RDA, via my donate page; an offer of accommodation for Tommy and myself; paying for a printed T-shirt or business cards with contact details to hand out along the way, or simply a few words of encouragement to spur us along the path.

Or it might be a ribbon ‘clootie’.

You are invited to contribute to the collective healing purpose of this pilgrimage.  If you have a request for some specific healing, of a personal or general nature, on behalf of a friend or loved one, then please contact me and we can take a coloured ribbon with us with your healing intention imprinted onto it.

In the true spirit of the pre-christian tradition of the ‘clootie’ wells where pieces of cloth are hung on the branches of trees around Holy wells, I am inviting sponsors to ‘donate’ a coloured ribbon (either with a request via email to me, or sending one to me in the post) to be added to the collection woven into the ‘clootie’ braid banner that will travel with us, AND accompanied by a few words of explanation as to your reason for choosing the colour and the specific intention or potential for healing you desire.  (see previous post, Rainbow Ribbon Ride).

Thus, each ribbon contribution will be a physical manifestation of the healing intention and will be imbued with the personal wishes of the sponsor with their own specific healing needs, requirements or special meanings to accompany us.

In order to deepen the focus of attention on the healing intent, I have started to compile a list from either the written or spoken words, to clarify the reasons why individuals have chosen specific colours or donated special pieces of ribbon for the ‘banner’.


Amplifying the healing power of nature.

Over time, as the rainbow collection of ribbons builds up, so too will the intensity of purpose increase as we progress, adding to the collective healing intention.


So if you have a special request for healing (of a personal or general nature), please email me or send me a text as soon as you can.  (caro@carowoods.co.uk; 077135 92935 or my contact page)  No request will be ignored.  The more intentions we have, the more powerful the collective healing will be.  Thanking you in anticipation.


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