It’s All About the Light

Last year I had a bit of an epiphany.  A true moment of inspiration.  It was not earth-shattering in the scheme of things but to me it was momentous.  In fact, it was such a small ‘happening’ that I might well have overlooked it had it not seemed so significant at the the time.  It occurred when I was with a group of fellow pilgrims on a Spring journey along the Mary / Michael Pilgrim route in Cornwall.  We had broken our daily walking pilgrimage to climb to the top of St Michael’s Mount, crossing the narrow stretch of water at Marazion in a boat.
In the calm interior of the chapel at the top of the Mount, our small group of 11 (incidentally, the same number of celestial angels surrounding St. Michael depicted in the Rose window) were milling around with the tourists who were also coming in and out and going about their business.  Christoffer was playing a haunting tune on his violin (or was it a viola?), and I could hear chanting coming from Caroline, another member of our group.
Standing in the centre of the aisle near the altar, I offered up a quiet prayer seeking guidance for the Healing Chakra Walk on the Mount I was just about to conduct with my fellow pilgrims: a trial run for a more formal session I was planning later in the year (which materialised into this).  I had not intended to do this with the group at this point because it was still quite embryonic, but it had cropped up in conversation the previous evening and I was invited to run through it with my fellow pilgrims to ‘elevate’ our visit.  (I wrote about it briefly here).
The intention for the Chakra Walk was to connect specific topographical areas on the Mount (which I had already identified in a previous recce session with a friend) with our own bodily Chakra systems.  Now, standing in the chapel, it seemed like it had been intended all along, perhaps not by me, but by the ‘powers that be’.  I had even thrown my coloured silk squares into my rucksack at the very last minute before setting off on the pilgrimage.
So there I was standing in this spot in the chapel which felt just right (like baby bear), communing with my ‘guides’.  My attention was immediately directed towards the sunlight streaming through one of the south-facing windows on the left behind me which glowed with an intensity of light like a beacon.  I realised with a sudden jolt of recognition as if a shock wave had passed through my body, that this was the answer to my prayer.  You could truthfully say, I saw the Light.  I mean really saw the light, as if for the first time, and my inner voice was declaring, loud and clear as a trumpet sounding, its all about the LIGHT.   So this was it: Light was to be my guide and mentor, in all its meanings, guises and metaphors.  It was only much later that I learnt about St Michael’s association with light, reinforcing the relevance of my mini ‘revelation’.  (This is a St. Michael that I am still getting to know).
In Praise of Shadows
As if to reinforce the notion that we are unable to see colour without light, the light that flooded through the stained glass panels of that window (dating back to the sixteenth Century and the oldest surviving one in tact in the chapel), cast raking coloured shadows across the stone mullions, down the walls and spilling onto the flagstoned floor, was a fitting metaphor for the Chakra Walk down the Mount we were just about to do.
Sitting in a circle on the parapet outside the chapel, soaking up the gentle energies from St. Mary’s ley line that runs alongside the outside walls of the chapel, I began to draw on that divine light, channelling it into our collective crown Chakra.  As we descended the Mount, guiding the light down through our bodily chakra systems as we went, mirroring the specially identified features of the Mount, to regenerate both our bodies and the physical locations with renewed vibrancy and vitality.  By the time we reached the cobbled, granite causeway linking the Mount to the mainland, the tide had receded  and we were able to cross back over it on foot.  By now, the light had reached our base Chakras which is where we physically touch our surroundings, including the soles of our feet, spreading that light with every new step taken.  Thus, my first experimental guided Chakra Walk on the Mount was born.
International Year of Light
Now, in the new Year of 2015, we have witnessed the festival of Imbolc at the beginning of February, come and go.  It falls halfway between the winter solstice and vernal equinox and was one of the cross-quarter fire festival holidays of the ancient Celts.  As we begin to emerge from the darkness of winter, and despite the fog that still cloaks my morning walks, it is also a festival of light and of rebirth as we begin to welcome the return of the sun and look forward to Spring.
Someone, somewhere in the world where these things get invented, has deemed that 2015 is the International Year of Light.  It must be true because I heard it on Radio 4.  Then by the sort of synchronicity that usually accompanies these things, I read a wonderful post on Philip Carr-Gomm’s blog entitled, the Candle that Made Me, (thoroughly recommend it) by a guest contributor, Sigrid, written to commemorate the Holocaust Memorial Day, and was deeply moved.  It resonated with me on so many levels that I felt compelled to leave a comment (which you can see via the above link).
On my upcoming equine pilgrimage this Spring, as we travel southwards from Lindisfarne towards St Michael’s Mount, we shall be facing towards the sun and following the light all the way.  I had already decided to take a candle with me on my journey to symbolise the eternal flame, and when I read Siggy’s post, I thought how wonderful it would be to have one specially made for the journey.  I dared to hope that she might be inspired to do such a thing and when she kindly sent me an email in response to my comment, I asked her if she might consider it?  The result is that she has now designed a candle – via a combination of my stated intentions and feelings, and her own intuition – specifically for my pilgrimage and I await the arrival of the package with eager anticipation.  Any day now.

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