Leg 11, From Cheltenham to Bath, down Memory Lane

I’m delighted to confirm, I have just published the next leg of my journey that runs through the Cotswolds. (see Route page)

Thatch Cottage

Thatch Cottage

In the 1970’s, my new husband and I rented a tiny thatched cottage in Little Badminton, on the edge of the Badminton Estate, for the princely sum of £3 per week.  Sadly, this was the last place that Graeme lived and where he died, a young man snatched away from us by the cancer that would not go away.  His body now lies buried in the churchyard just a few yards from Thatch Cottage.

I am delighted that my journey will take me down this particular memory lane and I shall have the chance to stop a while in this enchanted place. Perhaps to sit under the cherry tree that we planted 36 years ago that now spreads its lengthy boughs over Graeme’s last resting place, cradling him in her growing embrace, and reflect on times gone by.  I hope there is still a space for my own mortal remains here when my time comes to shuffle off.

St. Michaels' & All Saints Church, Little Badminton

St. Michael’s & All Saints Church, Little Badminton


‘Graeme Thomson Gibson 28th Jan 1953 – April 1978 Beloved Husband of Caro’


The village of Little Badminton wraps itself around this central meadow.


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