The First Leg

I have finally started to get to grips with my route planning.  Now I am sending out a request for help in finding accommodation for Tommy and myself at specific places along the trail.  The first leg is in Northumberland, starting from Lindisfarne and takes us over the top of the Cheviots to Bellingham.

If anyone can help me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  More details on the Route page.

15/10/214 Update:  I’ve posted my route up to leg 7, to the bottom of the Pennine Bridleway.

2 thoughts on “The First Leg

  1. Caro, I am up to ears till Wednesday so will try to get comments and accommodation suggestions sent then Love William PS Am collecting a Border Terrier pup on 15 November. VERY exciting!

  2. Thank you William. Also, I’ve sent several emails to RDA without any replies. Would it be pos to let me know who your contact is / was, please? Puppy! how exciting. I am resisting temptation for a whippet pup….so difficult. x

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