A Tiny Jockey and a Flashback.


Rose and Nana on board Tommy

It is barely 3 weeks since Tommy arrived at his new home at Steda Lowarth and I feel we have already done so much together.  We’ve been checking out the local bridleways, trekking across open moorland, scrambling up stony tracks, negotiated some tricky gates. Particularly enjoying familiar viewpoints from this newly elevated position on top of a horse.


Then my granddaughter, Rose, arrived to see Tommy and have her first sit on a horse, aged two.  Here she is with Georgie on board Tommy.

Georgie and Rose's first ride on Tommy

Then it was Nana’s turn.

Notice she is very keen to take up control of the reins.  A little jockey in the making, me thinks.  And Georgie reminded me to keep my legs back and heels down as I seem to have reverted to the old ‘hunting’ position in the saddle.  Don’t my years of dressage training count for nothing?  I suppose after 14 years out of the saddle, one is prone to old habits.

Then Stephen found an old photograph from one of the many albums.  Roll back 30 years and it doesn’t seem that long ago when I was holding Georgie on a horse, looking slightly bemused.


Me and Georgina on one of Sarah’s horses, in the garden at Ashton House. c. 1984

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