Seduced by a Flowing Mane

Still searching for my horse.

Welsh Cob

Welsh Cob

I went to see this 12-year-old, Welsh Section D cob, recently gelded, who happened to be back with his breeder in Cornwall through rather sad circumstances.  He was very handsome and very good around the mares but I felt he was not only a little too suspicious of me, but also of his handlers.  It was a job to get him to prick up his ears to have his picture taken.  He had been backed and ridden but hadn’t had much experience, being turned away and mainly used as a stallion.  Mindful that Welsh Section D’s do have a reputation for not being particularly straightforward, they can also be wonderful too.  It would be risky taking on such a ‘green’ pony without knowing more.  As ‘andsome as he was, with his long flowing mane and tail, I didn’t feel a connection here.

I have put my advert (see previous post) on the Network Cornwall website as well as the ‘wanted’ section of the Dales Pony Society website.  A rare breed native British pony appreciated for it’s all round capabilities.  I am being drawn to these beautiful sturdy ponies.  And made enquiries about a couple of the ponies for sale.

The other evening, I ‘phoned one of the breeders on the list and asked them if they knew anyone with one of their offspring for sale.   They are farmers and she kindly spoke to me in-between calving and lambing.   After some thought she told me that their 6-year-old black section A gelding called Diamond, could possibly be for sale – I’ve recently leant that Section A in Dales means all one colour.  But, he is not ‘broken’.  Pondering this, I said experience is not so important if he is willing and mannerly.   She told me he has had some handling and has a lovely temperament.  That got me thinking: I would have time to ‘back’ him before I depart.  Although I’ve done nothing like it before, with the right help, I think it could be a special bonding experience.  If I felt that ‘connection’ I would be willing to give it a go.  Looking forward to seeing his photos.

And yesterday, a woman ‘phoned me saying they had seen my advert on the Dales website.  They have a 14.2 hh they are thinking of selling.  Things are looking up.

And…I have decided on a departure date!  May 5th is the anniversary of my mother’s birthday so I think the fifth of the fifth, 2015 is an auspicious day to begin my equine pilgrimage.  Now I shall start planning the journey in earnest.  Only one thing missing.  I need a steed.

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