Charity Begins at Home

Georgina was 12 when she was diagnosed with having Type 1 diabetes.  This news is a life sentence that is difficult to bear at any age but at the time when Georgie was about to enter the often bewildering period of puberty, it seemed like a particularly cruel blow.  As a mother, I would have given anything to have taken that burden away from and her and carried it myself.


Georgie with Mac, aged about 15.

Since those early and often difficult teenage years, Georgie has grown into a beautiful, well-rounded woman, 31 now and a mother herself to a much cherished daughter.  Over the years, she has had her fair share of trials and tribulations to overcome which I believe has made her a stronger and more determined person because of it.  This condition is not visible on the outside and only people who have diabetes and the people close to them, really know what it is like to live with such a life-changing condition.  As a mother, I could not be more proud of the way she has coped with the hidden complications associated with diabetes, on a daily basis.

For my pilgrimage, I have chosen to support two ‘diabetes’ charities.  Diabetes UK is a charity which helps people already with the condition, and JDRF is a research charity aimed at finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes.

I am also looking into various other charities who help rehabilitate ex race horses by finding them a new life in new homes.  Something I did myself, and know how rewarding and worthwhile this can be for both horse and rider.

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