My Search for the Right Partner

It is time to rejoice!  My house is sold, I’ve emptied an entire cheque book and paid off my debts.  I now only have one tiny roof to worry about and a very small stipend towards my pension pot.  It has left me with a huge sense of relief and a renewed sense of freedom.  Now the hunt is on to find a new partner.  A horse partner that is, to accompany me on the next stage of my journey through life.  A journey of epic proportions.  Let’s hope it is a better experience than my recent attempts at finding a human partner.  That experience turned out to be a bruising one, scammed out of a months rental income which I could ill afford at the time.  My punishment was the shame and humiliation I felt for being so gullible and trusting.  At least being single, I have no-one to talk me out of this venture.  Making the right choice of equine partner for this journey then, will be the most important decision I will make, and in my view, more important at the moment than finding a life partner.

the one I'm waiting for

the one I’m waiting for?

Any journey must have a beginning somewhere and this one began as a germ of an idea many years ago in my mind.  Inspired by people such as Shirley MacLaine’s account of her Camino de Santiago walk and the life of St. Francis of Assisi, this dream of pilgrimage has festered over the years so that finally it must become a reality.  Now, in my 60th year, time is of the essence.  So it is now or never.

The search begins: to find that special equine partner who will accompany me on this adventure.  They must be wise, sensible and possess a gentle soul.  They must be adventurous and brave enough to cope with the unexpected.  Above all, I must fall in love with them from the first moment and, in my eyes, they must be stunning.  A perfect equine companion.  I have started to scour the sale columns on the net and the magazines for suitable mounts.  I know what I am looking for: here is my check-list:

  • a sturdy mount, between 14 – 15 hh (possibly of native, small hunter type and a good ‘doer’)
  • 10 years plus but open to a younger horse if sensible
  • clean limbs and healthy feet, and healthy teeth
  • deep girth and broad chest
  • bomb-proof
  • trained with natural horsemanship, a bonus
  • Not be worried about spending time away from home
  • fitness not essential as that can be worked on (for myself too!)
  • a loan horse would be acceptable

In return, this special animal will have a knowledgable home and a carer with a loving and respectful approach to animals; perhaps even enjoy some notoriety and a starring role in my blog / book!

So I offer up my request for that special beast of burden to the wisdom of the universe.  I pray my prayers are answered.  I know there is the right horse for me out there and I know I shall find him/her.  In the meantime, I shall continue to scour the ads and the net and ask people in the horsey world if they can keep their ears and eyes open for me.  I somehow think this will be a word of mouth quest.

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