Nonagon 54

Nursing the house back to it's former sparkle



Whilst nursing the house back to it’s former sparkle in preparation for putting it on the market, I am beginning to have nagging doubts about what we are about to do and the momentous nature of the situation.  I decided to resort to ‘the cards’ for divination.  So on the last day of March, 2012, David, Anja and I thought this was an  opportune moment to use my new deck,  (actually bought 2nd hand from the internet) Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, for an overview of our current situation.

Having ‘cleansed’ the deck by mentally running a cool stream of mountain water through it (David’s inspired idea), we meditated for a few minutes to ‘tune in’ to the universal energies.  Very soon my mother drew near and I asked her if there were any messages from Spirit for anyone present and was told the messages would be revealed in the cards. 

Completion (No 54 – the year I was born) is the card I picked from the newly cleansed deck.   The image on the card is a selection of nonagon shapes (see picture).   (For the record, David picked 2 cards that were ‘glued’ together as one: No 30, Mountain Messages and No 29, Starry Dreams;  and Anja picked No 15, Square).  The meaning of my card, Completion, comes from the accompanying book by Francene Hart:

“The nonagon depicts nine-sided geometry.  Coming from the greatest single digit number, it is a boundary.  Nine is the trinity of trinities.  It represents perfection, balance and order.  It is ultimate extension, achievement and completion.

This card represents completion of a cycle in your life.  You have given energy and achieved much during this phase.  Events and relationships have served to help you grow and define who you are, giving your life meaning and resonance.  There is no need for sadness or regret because you have given your all and contributed your best.

Now you stand at the gateway of something entirely new.  Bless the times that have come and are now completed and get ready for the next big adventure in your life.  See yourself already in the new place; let’s call it cloud nine!  It is a place of growth and your highest joy.  Rejoice in what is yet to come.”

I just could not have put it more succinctly myself and is the confirmation that I had hoped for.  I now feel far more confident about what the future might hold and excited by the prospect of my new adventure.   It makes the tricky business of selling the house and going our separate ways in the next few months, less daunting.

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